Why You Should Be Knowledgeable About Child Support

I am aware this topic will touch the chord of individuals both positive and negative, both mothers and fathers.  I recently posted a query to both also my astonishment and women and men; both agreed and preferred with it.  What is it?  Child support!  Did you know that child care is dependent on the income of the noncustodial parent?  Yes, I am positive most of you know that.  However, do the majority of you agree that child care laws are biased and antiquated and have to be altered?

If service payment is based on a noncustodial parent income, then what happens to the surplus of the money that is received by the custodial parent when the child’s needs are taken care of?  Noncustodial parents need accountability for the payments received.  I agree.  During the divorce process, the two parties are required to present a financial affidavit outlining their expenses, assets and their income.  Why then should not custodial parents summarize the monthly expenses of the child or children and present that to set payment?  $1200 is received by also the parent and if it requires only $500 to get child expenses, then the remaining $700 is custodial support.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  The question which was introduced to both women and men was if custodial parents are accountable for your child support payment they get?

Child support laws have changed in several states to include the earnings of the parents, but it has to be changed nationwide for child support to be based upon the expenses of every child.  Noncustodial parents could then cease evading child support because it will be based on the expenses and needs of the child, and will cover child support.  When setting the child support arrangement to make child support fair to both parents after the dissolution of marriage, this small change can be easily implemented.

However, the surface of child care is shifting.  The statistic indicates 15% are fathers and that 85 percent of custodial parents are mothers.  The growing segment/population of parents are fathers.  An increasing number of fathers are fighting divorce and in today’s changing world fathers are becoming custody of the children.

After seeing a trend in the way dads who are custodial parents permit the moms who are noncustodial parents to pay a lesser amount from the norm, it got me to thinking, why are so many moms, that are custodial parents demanding noncustodial parents to cover a percentage of the income when in many cases that sum greatly exceed the need of the child or children.

I’m hoping that the laws will change later on to permit custodial parents to summarize the monthly expenses of the child or children when confronted with child support.  Parents may stop evading paying much more and child support will spend quality time with their kids.  Since 1975, over $100 billion is owed in unpaid child care.  Of the sum, 70% of those parents earn less than $10,000 yearly.  The amount continues to grow due to the economy and the number unemployment rate due to the number of individuals being laid off.  But if both parents are working together for the same objectives, and those goals are to adore, supply, protect, be their physically, emotionally, and spiritually for our children, we are providing the best for our children.

Involvement of Both Parents

When noncustodial parents pay child care, they’re more likely to be involved and spend quality time with their children.  The statistic shows that when both mother and father are actively involved with their kids’ lives, the kids do better in school, more likely to visit college, not as likely to participate in drugs, less likely to get pregnant, and not as inclined to be involved in gangs and violence.  It begins with parents being treated fairly in regard to child care.  After all, it is “child support” not “custodial parent” support.  Let us work together to change the laws as it pertains to the amount parents pay for child care.  You can begin by contacting and writing your Senator or State Representative asking them to change the legislation and make child support based on the monthly needs and expenses of kids or their child.  We can make a difference and families could strengthen.

A child needs both parents involved in their lifetime.  Misuses the other parent or If one parent instances of abuse, a terrific amount of strain is placed on the relationship.  The parent who’s absent from the home, the noncustodial parent, will feel bitterness and most likely stay away.  I hear it time and time again and in the majority of my sessions with parents; I communicate the frustrations and needs of parents.  Some times my message is positively received and situations the feelings of parents and the custodial parents perpetuate a great division between the two parents.  I believe that if noncustodial parents many dilemmas between the two parents might be avoided were honored and appreciated by most parents.  Also, by no means am I taking away the responsibilities of parents, what I see every day are the opportunities being taken away from noncustodial parents.

If one parent is no longer living in precisely the same household with another parent and kids, a child support battle ensues.  It may be made simpler with less emotion and also with the two parents satisfied with the process if the expenses of the child or children are taken into consideration.  All noncustodial parents will know where the money is being spent and that child care payments are being accounted for.  Parenthood is an opportunity and an obligation.  A lot of times one parent takes that away from another parent.  We are able to make a difference in our children’s lives by providing the most appropriate for them.  The best for them is both parents actively participating and involved in our children’s lives and both parents wanting and providing the very best for our kids.  What a superb world this could be.

Have you ever stopped to consider what the words, “Child Support” mean?  Right away most of us probably think of money.  And, yes, that’s an element.  But the cash is only a method of encouraging your children you care for the offspring and take care of.  Following a divorce, it may be a source of contention.  The following guide is supposed to be a general guide for you to use in the event it is needed by you.

The Quantity of support

Child Support levels can consist of an arrangement decided upon in discussions or mediation, or with a court decision concerning how much your child will receive in the person paying the support.  The amount is set according to a percentage of the paying parent’s income.  On who pays insurance, along with child care, the two divorcing parents may agree, or the court can order one or both parents to provide insurance or require the parent to aid with medical bills.

One thing a parent might not realize is that guidelines don’t necessarily base the monthly amount on what that parent gets.  It may be based on what the parent is capable of earning.  Education, job skills, and possible wages are all calculated.  So if the paying parent takes a low-wage job to avoid making child support obligations, a greater amount may be ordered by the court anyhow.

Making payments

In an amicable divorce, the parents often manage the child support themselves and do not require help or involvement from the state-run child support agency.  Nonetheless, in many cases, the parent sends their yearly check through the agency.  This is a great method to use if the paying parent suspects that the ex might lie he or she never compensated.  It is essential for the non-custodial parent who is obligated to make monthly child support payments to safeguard himself or herself.

Never make payments in the shape of money unless there’s a receipt.

Lawyers, mediators, and Useful websites

Attorneys can provide important information that parents need during and after their divorce nonetheless, parents no longer have to rely solely upon lawyers.  There’s a lot of research available nowadays, due to the Internet.  Remember, however, that child support laws vary by state.  Each state has its site dedicated to making information available about child support legislation, issues, and requirements, and in NCSEA.org you can find links to all fifty states. This website of Hill Law will also get you information on the lawyers you can turn to for such reasons.

On such state sites, there are child support calculators available to help you find out how much you need to get or how much you could owe.

Custody and child care are these complicated problems with far-reaching repercussions, however, it remains a good idea to retain an attorney who can assist with the particulars.